Featured Filipinos in Croatia

CROATIA: Featured in the article published in Sibenik, Croatia Mr. William and Ms. Elovelle, two of the Filipino workers Venture Management have deployed to Croatia last May and June.

Venture Management Systems Int'l Corporation is the first agency to deploy Filipino workers to Croatia last 2018.

Article: "William and Elovelle in King Krešimir arrived in May, and given that the situation on the labor market is familiar to the problem of recent years, in order not to cope with standard labor-finding problems, we decided to bring staff from the Philippines. This is the practice in other hotels owned by our company, and the Filipinos are known as worthy and industrious workers as they have proved. William and Elovelle quickly got involved and dwelt here and say they like it in Sibenik - says Fabiano Baranovic, CEO of King Krešimir Hotel." (translated by Google)

Link to the Full Article: https://bit.ly/2zsYEa3

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