Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Site:Vanuatu
Gender: Male
Age:24 - 45 years old
Education:Engineering Graduate
Job Experience:3-5 years work experience
Expires on:May 30, 2021





A qualified, efficient and reliable Quality Assurance Engineer is expected to possess the following skills and competencies.

  1. Responsible for assisting CCECC Project Managers in aptly examining, identifying, planning and formulating the general, necessary or project specific Quality Assurance/Quality Control requirements, foundations and management prior actual civil construction works which ensures the execution of the Works while at the same time ensuring preservation of the worksite environment (in general) and its surrounds during construction until project completion which complies with CCECC's project contractual obligations, technical specifications and Employer's product quality requirements thereby achieving "Zero Harm" to the environs.
  2. Preparation of project specific quality management plan.
  3. Responsible for ensuring the quality of materials, products and services which complies with industry standards set by the state or country where the project is being undertaken, as per contract specifications, Employer requirements and as well as in compliance with the quality standards of CCECC.
  4. Responsibility to make sure that the processes and machinery or materials used to make required products (e.g. concrete mix materials for concrete mix) are also safe for the employees. Resolving any kind of quality issue by taking necessary steps to fix the problem, even if this means temporarily suspending, reducing or worst by halting production until work and product quality specifications are met. Must be able to work out any issues that may arise at any time during specific product development for construction and must still be able to handle any issues that happen during production, construction until project completion.
  5. Perform and coordinate inspections and determine quality assurance testing models of raw materials, equipment and finished products.
  6. Prepare, document, and execute works as per detailed Method Statements, Inspection and Test Plans (ITP's), Quality Checklists (QC"s), test cases, and defect reports (Non-Conformance Reports or NCR).
  7. Review and approve quality requirements for manufacturing planning, supplier purchase orders, and engineering specifications to ensure contract compliance.
  8. Develop, document, and audit practices, program quality, and metrics reporting system.
  9. Possess excellent verbal communication, technical writing, computer, and research skills.
  10. Possess excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  11. Ability to travel to any assigned project specific locations, open countries i.e. countries allowing travel entry to its borders/airports/sea ports from specifically allowed countries with necessary entry/work permits issued by Client/Employer, including travel to outer islands via passenger vessels so as to meet project needs.
  12. Updating or revising and submitting the required Quality Assurance/Quality Control project specific management plan, compliance documents or reports for review, comments or approval by Consultant/Engineer/Employer as instructed by the CCECC's Contract Manager or by the Contractor's Representative or by the Project Manager as required by the Contract and which must be compliant with the Contractor's Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) or Contractor's Environmental and Social Management Plan CESMP.
  13. Ability to perform other functions related to the job as instructed by the CCECC's Contract Manager or by the Contractor's Representative or by the Project Manager.